The team and audience loved your talk
— Tedx Warwick
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My talks are open, honest and from the heart. I talk with freedom, humility & humour about how I went from crying in a Ugandan Orphanage, to running a marathon in every country in Europe in consecutive days.

I have presented to a range of audiences from TEDx Talks, to children, young people, CEO’S and big kids like myself. My aim is to enable others to reach their capabilities, to improve wellbeing and to challenge us to look at a situation & see things differently.

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Watch my talks at Parallel London & TEDx Warwick below.

Corporate talks

We had some great feedback and you’ve inspired more people to get out there and achieve some something extraordinary
— Bournemouth University International College

The workplace is somewhere most of us spend more waking hours than at home. Yet it’s somewhere we often feel the need to put on an act. Somewhere we are primed to show strength, not weakness.

It’s starting to be recognised that this doesn’t always work. The reality is that people often need support, they need advice and they need to be able to create coping strategies and an ethos where this is allowed to take place.

I want to help businesses to support their staff and their staff to support each other.

My talks are different in that what I talk about doesn’t come from a book or a script, it comes from me. It’s real. I’m talking about something I’ve experienced, something I’m passionate about and a subject I whole heartedly believe in.

School Talks

Peter has inspired our children to go into the world & chase their dreams
— Headteacher St James Primary School

My aim is to make assemblies inspiring, engaging and fun. I focus on core educational values such as resilience, growth, respect and dedication, highlighting each through tales from the journey.

Tales also of friendship, peer support and of a community coming together to get me to the finish line. Also more light hearted tales of eating cake for breakfast, lost luggage or using frozen vegetables to overcome injury.

My challenge also had a mental health focus and I talk openly about the mental struggles I faced on the challenge. I talk about my motivation and the resilience I drew upon along the Journey.

I also talk sensitively and openly in addressing the issue of mental health, displacing common misconceptions and stigma. I encourage children to talk about their feelings and the importance of having a positive attitude to mental health and how that has a real impact on the people around them.

If you are a primary school that run a daily mile I am also happy to join in with the children and try and use the talk to encourage participation and the benefits of exercise on both physical and mental health.


  • Resilience and Wellbeing
  • The importance of social support
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Adaptability, confidence & purpose
  • Taking a leap out of you comfort zone
  • Determination, exploration and adventure
  • How to travel between Bosnia and Croatia when the bus doesn’t turn up

The many aspects of my adventures & personal experience mean I can tailor talks to your needs & audience. Have an idea? Just let me know

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