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The Challenge

Running the Tour de France in 70 days


30 Miles a day

70 Days on the road

2069 Miles of running

27,000 Metres of hill climbs

1 Race to the finish line

THE RACE IS ON..... Setting off with a 7 week head start on the riders, I will attempt to run the entire 2069 mile route of the 2018 Tour de France and make it to the finish line before them.

It will involve running an Ultra marathon every day for 70 days and climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest over 3 times. 

The Race begins May 19th 2018

How you can help

The challenge will be raising money for the incredible mental health charities Mind and Livability. Read here about my story, the amazing work of the charities and if you are able to, donate to these great causes.

Donate at least £10 to also be in with a chance to WIN a limited edition £500 Elliot Brown watch!

The lucky winner will be chosen at random when the challenge finishes so please leave your name when making a donation. Good luck.

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44 Marathons across 

44 Countries in 

44 Consecutive days




Mental health is such an important issue within society and the cause I wanted "Marathons for the Mind" to support. I know many people who have serious mental health issues. Some have tried to take their own lives and others battle through with determination and courage that I admire greatly. I have seen people at their lowest, I have seen the stigma they face and the lack of support when they need it most.

The mental health focus started, and is still very much for these people. It has however also helped me to better understand and talk more openly about my own mental health. In a way that I think it is important for us all to try and do. I'm someone who feels on top of the world one day and wants to hide away the next. I never used to speak to anyone about this and what happens during these periods of self-isolation. How I dis-engage, become distant and alienate the people closest to me.

Having seen others with much greater mental health needs than myself, I also thought it would be disrespectful to talk about my own. But I now realise it’s not a comparison and that logic is flawed. We all have mental health just like physical health and there are many differing levels within that.

By talking more openly about mental health, engaging within discussions or simply listening to others, we develop understanding and importantly we help to educate. We also learn how to improve or better manage our mental health as individuals, and about the severity and crippling effects that people suffering with mental illness can experience on a daily basis.


Sponsor a stage

The challenge couldn't happen without the incredibly generous support of individuals and businesses. If you would like to sponsor or dedicate a stage to someone, on the 'Running the tour' section of the website, then I would love to hear from you. In return you will get your businesses name & website link, dedication message, picture of choice, social media shout out, and a HUGE thank you from me. Please get in touch by clicking on the button below. Thank you.


Why mental health matters to me



2017 ITV Pride of Britain Fundraiser of the year Award for the Meridian Region


Mind Media Award  - Shortlisted Poem "I'm right there in your corner"  



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