Marathon 12

Marathon 12 is complete! 

Thanks to Tim Cruise-Drew for helping me try and manage my knee pain. Tim has given up his time and expertise both before and during the challenge to keep me on track. 

Today me, Manol Dimitrov & Jessica Burrage were joined by 2 local runners Tanja Veljanovska & Srdjan, who helped guide us for the first half of the run. Me and Manol then picked things up in the second half and with a couple of aid stops with Jess we zoomed home


The Route
Skopje, Macedonia

Fire Aid

The fantastic people at Fire-Aid are kindly sponsoring me for this marathon 


The fantastic people at Kouzon are kindly sponsoring me for this marathon


Runners & Support Team

Tanja Veljanovska, Srdjan, Manol and Jess. Thankyou!!