Marathon 15

Marathon 15 - "The Bosnian Beast" is complete!

Time: 3 Hours 49 mins

We're 15 down!!! When I started all this I had no idea what was going to happen. I still don't really no but we've now ran 15 marathons, across 15 countries, in 15 consecutive days.

Today was a another scenic run getting to experience a beautiful city. The usual plan of easing into it and picking it up second half to come in at 3:49.

Another team effort with Jessica Burrage & DJ turned nature photographer Manol Dimitrov. Now for the best bit of the day, the post marathon lunch!!!


The Route
Sarejevo, Bosnia

Race Guide
Sarejevo Marathon Running Tours

Franjo Sola, a Sarejevo running tours guide will be showing me around and planning a route for me. 


Runners & Support Team 

Manol and Jess!