Marathon 16

Marathon 16 - Croatia (Zagreb)

Time: 3:58

Today the running community in Zagreb came out in force. Organised by the amazing Sandra & Hrvoje, we had a group running the whole way. The group contained 2 international runners who will be soon be representing their country in the 24 ultra race in Belfast in July.

One of the ladies had also just finished a night shift and had 50 minutes of sleep. This put my 4 hours sleep into context and stopped me feeling sorry for myself.

The route took in all parts of this beautiful city and with the help of many others we completed marathon 16.

It's hard to put into words the support I've had from the guys at Run Zagreb. Sandra getting up at 4 am to put us up for the night, their organisation an hospitality throughout, and the fact I'm just about to sit down with the for a homemade Easter lunch.

The running community is pretty special and if this doesn't prove that I'm not sure what will.

Thank you so much x


The Route
Zagreb, Croatia

Race Guide
Run Zagreb

Guide Tamara Markotic is going to plan a route around Zagreb for me! 


Members of the Run Zagreb Team 

Thanks to the wonderful team at Run Zagreb for supporting me for this marathon. They've been incredibly generous with the help they have given me in setting up this stage of the challenge.   

Tamara Markotic

Hrvoje Horvat

Sandra Bortek

Ivan Videk