Marathon 17

Marathon 17 - Ljubljana (Slovenia) Time: 3:54

Wahoooooooo! 17 down and another day of incredible support from the local running community.

Today was organised by Miha from sightrunning Ljubljana. Miha also ran the whole distance with me completing his first ever marathon and making sure I didn't get lost.

The first half was me, Miha & Paula, who had also ran with me yesterday and is adding to her training for her upcoming 24 hour race. We were then joined by a dozen or so members of a local running group for the second half. It's amazing to have so much support and despite feeling a bit like a flouresent yellow pied piper, we weaved our way around the city to the finish line in just under 4 hours.

There was also a local news channel filming the closing stages and my first TV interview followed. I'm not sure if a backwards orange cap is a strong look for TV but it might catch on.

A big thank you to everyone who joined and supported today!


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Ljublijana, Slovenia


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Miha Deu, a guide for Ljublijana Running Tours is going to plan a route for me


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