Marathon 18

Marathon 18 is complete! 

Time: 3:52

Today's one was a solo effort and a change from the last 2 days of having a big group to run in. I say solo as I did have my mum and Auntie with me helping out and cheering me along the way. They even hired a rickshaw to zoom up and down the route, complete with a novelty bell.

A big thanks to Kirsty Weston for helping to plan today's route and I managed to get into my stride and finish inside 4 hours again. The last 5 miles were the hardest they have been for the last few days and a gentle reminder just what I'm asking my body to do everyday.

Today is my first none travel day as we head to and from Slovakia on the train tommorow so I get to stay in t the same place for more than one night! I almost feel like a normal human being!


The Route
Vienna, Austria


Runners & Support Team 

Mum and Auntie Sue!