Marathon 19

Marathon 19 - Bratislava "The snowy one"

Time: 3:54

I seem to have started to name my marathons like friends episodes and this one was definitely the "snowy one". It was also wet, cold and most importantly finished!!

I was lucky to be joined by Martin who runs a local running tour company. He kindly took the morning off work to run with me and guide me around. Towards the end he described the conditions as 'The worse conditions possible to run in' and by the end I had to agree with him!

I can't thank him enough as by the end we were soaking wet and freezing. To give up his morning to put himself through the conditions is something I am very grateful for.

I think the finishing photos say it all but I'm now in the warm and about to work my way through the restaurant menu!


The Route
Bratislava, Slovakia


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