Marathon 20

And that makes 20......!

Marathon 20 - Breclav (Czech Republic) "The one that got delayed"

Time: 3:49

Completing today's marathon means I have now completed 20 marathons in 20 consecutive days and also have more facial hair than I've ever had before.

Today's run was delayed slightly because of 'technical issues' with the train. This meant the need for a second breakfast before I set sail from Breclav train station.

There was no snow today but the wind was out in force and meant the first 9 miles were a battle against the elements. I then managed to find a more sheltered section along the river to loop back & forth. This lead to a customary quicker second half to come in just under 3 hours 50 mins.

The plan is now to catch the evening train to Budapest for the penultimate marathon before London.

We're nearly half way through!!!


Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse have been incredibly generous in sponsoring me. Without their support I wouldn't have the resources to attempt this challenge. As well as supporting me they do some amazing work with mental health charities as founding partners of Heads Together 


The Route
Brno, Czech Republic


Runners & Support Team 

Mum & Sue!