Marathon 21

Marathon 21 - Budapest "The one where I stared at the floor a lot"

Time: 4:05

Budapest is undoubtedly a beautiful city but today I sadly spent more time looking at the floor infront of me hoping it would move faster.

After feeling really strong the last few days, today was a return to week one. My legs just decided they didn't want to run a marathon today. I spent the best part of 4 an a bit hours trying to explain to them that it's not optional and eventually my mind one.

Today was a real grind from the start and its days like this that put into perspective what I'm trying to achieve. It also makes me turn to the 'motivation bank' as I have apparently just decided to call it. In there are the charities, the messages of support and a stubborness that I'm not going to give this up without a fight.

My legs currently feel like they want to die but I have a couple of hours to pick them off the floor before the 7 hour bus journey to Poland.

One more to go before London!!


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Budapest, Hungary


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Just me today...and my hat. Big love to my hat.