Marathon 22

I'm coming home!!!

Marathon 22 - Poland "The one where I moaned a lot before but did ok '

Time: 3:57

Today was always going to be really hard especially after the way I felt yesterday & everything that went with it. I was therefore so lucky to have the support of Lukasz & Ben.

When I walked down the stairs from my hotel room to see them there it was a huge boost. Also to see Rachel who heard about my challenge & came to say hi and brought me some much needed chocolate.

I felt a lot better as the run went on and world's away from how I felt yesterday. I wouldn't say I'm back to my best but I'm typing this with energy to do so and not feeling like I need to collapse in a heap.

The run itself included the Krakow park run as well as many other beautiful parts of the city. I can't thank Ben enough for joining me and to Lukasz for putting together the route and supporting the whole way. I owe them a lot.

Now just to get my things together and head back home to London for the marathon. I will post my number etc later for people who want to track me. We're halfway through!!!!!


The Route
Krakow, Poland


Runners & Support Team

Lukasz, Ben and Rachel!