Marathon 23

The London Marathon meets Marathons for the Mind 

Marathon 23 - London "The one where I came home"

Time: 4:29

Since I thought up this challenge I always wanted to try and include the London marathon into it somewhere. One because it was the race that inspired me to start running & secondly because of the support and the opportunity to run with the people I care about most.

Today i'm so glad that all that time spent on the route planning to allow this day to happen paid off as it certainly lived up to everything I had hoped. Running with my brother and the group of amazing friends and fellow club runners we made our way around the streets of London.

Everytime I've previous run the London marathon I've been so fixated on time and spent a lot of it looking at the floor or at my watch. The beauty of today was that I could take it all in and stop to say hello and thank the people who had come out to support. It turned out to be the slowest marathon I've ever run but definitly the most rewarding. I can honestly say that for me today eclipses the time of 2:25 I did in 2015 and am proud to be able to say that.

A huge thank you to everyone who ran with me today and who cheered me on. It made it such a special day and glad I got to share it with so many people.


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