Marathon 25

Marathon 25 - Barcelona (Spain)

"The one with Matt, George & a little red bike"

Time: 4:07

Last night I arrived in Barcelona in a pretty bad mood. My plan landed at 11:45 pm & I had to sit next to the baggage carousel for 50 mins before my bags surfaced. Luckily for me my friend Matt was there to meet me and throw me in a taxi and back to the apartment.

I got to bed about 1:30 in the morning and was up at 7 to run marathon 25. I didn't really have much of a route planned today so headed to the coastline and looped about a bit struggling to get into it. Then along came the amazing George and his bike. George's friend Tim had heard and interview I'd done on Marathon Talk and said he should join me. I'm so grateful he do and managed to track me down on my make shift route.

George guided me further along the coast and it was great just to chat and get to know someone new. He is a lovely bloke and am so grateful he made the effort to find me today and help me along. It's another example of human kindness and how wonderful people can be.

When the run was done I was met again by Matt who is helping make sure I'm well fed and make the bus to the next country which is Andorra. Matt also brought his awesome work colleagues out as his company kindly sponsored today's marathon. In reality they also made it happen with there support today so I'm very grateful as always.

Now to eat more tapas than any man has ever done before and do some sleeping on my 4 hour bus.

The Route
Barcelona, Spain



The excellent people at THETANK are sponsoring this marathon. They are a London based creative post production studio. Check them out!  


Runners & Support Team 

George and Matt!