Marathon 26

Marathon 26 - Andorra "The one where I cried a bit and then ran a marathon"

Time: 4:11

So today did not start particularly well. Last night I spoke to my physio and running Guru Tim who explained the detailed physiology behind the way my body currently feels and most importantly that I can get passed this.

My body and mind are just exahausted and as Tim put it that in terms of my recovery I'm taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back every day. That cumulative effect has built to how I currently feel.

This is what anyone who does these sorts of challenges goes through and the one thing you can't prepare for. You can do all the training & planning in the world but you can't prepare for feeling like your drifting between cloud 9 and a constant need to sleep. It is also very hard to show that through photos or words but hopefully this helps to explain a bit.

Back to today's run which started slow and again got better. The route was put together by a local man called Dani who also really kindly found me in his car and brought me a drink and made sure I knew the exactly where to go. A big thank you to him as seeing him along the way really gave me a boost. It is again a stunning area of the world with misty mountains and picturesque scenery. As I ran around taking it all in that smile soon can back on my face and all was right with the world again.

I've now got a little 2 hour rest before my 3 part and 9 hour journey to my auntie & uncles house in France. Can't wait to see them and hopefully the bus, train and car combination will get me there in one piece. Next stop France.....


The Route
Andorra, La Vella


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