Marathon 27

Marathon 27 - France "The one where the smile came back"

Time: 4:09

If yesterday was the day I cried and then ran a marathon today was the day I did the opposite. Staying at my auntie and uncles means I can relax and also have the knowledge that today is a non travel day! My favourite of all days.

The day started with Welsh tour de France hopeful aka my uncle Craig getting out the map and planning our route. They live very close to Mont Ventoux so basically my instructions were 'aslong as you don't make me run up that then I'll follow you".

There's not many flat roads around here but we made a good route and took in the sights of another gorgeous country. My brain almost finds it hard to take it all the scenery as over the last few weeks I feel like I'm living in a Lonely Planet guide book.

It was great to have my uncle alongside and shared experiences are what life's all about. We're now getting ready for lunch with my auntie Anne cooking up something that will no doubt last about 5 minuites with me around.

27 down and 17 to go.... That has a nice ring ring to it I reckon.


The Route
Mormoiron, France


Old Thorns

Thankyou to Old Thorns Manor Hotel for sponsoring this marathon   


Runners & Support Team

Auntie Anne and Uncle Craig!