Marathon 28

Marathon 28 - Monaco "The one where a magnum costs £4"

Time: 4:18

That's right £4! Obviously I should have been looking more at the scenery than the ice cream prices but it's funny how your mind wonders on these marathons.

Today was an early start with a 3am wake up call & a 4 hour journey to Monaco. I quickly got my things together after some breakfast in the car and headed out to try and find some sort of running route amongst the multi-million pound yachts and well groomed men (of which I am certainty not one).

As Monaco's coastline is around 3 miles long, and away from the coast are just hills and pretty house's, it was always going to be tricky to try and make up the 26 miles I needed here. The first lap I ran up stairs, through shopping centres and dodged expensive cars on the F1 circuit that was being set up for the prestigious Grand Prix next month.

After a lap or two I managed to work out a route and gained confidence in where the boundaries of the country were and where I could run so I wouldn't be hit by a Ferrari. I did happen to see 'Plan B's' car who I think is a rapper of some description. I can only imagine he wears his hat backwards too.

The place is ridiculous (in a good way) and no surprise why people flock here. If I wasn't attempting to run in San Marino and the Vatican city over the next few days I would however say it was one of the hardest countries to run a marathon in.

We got it done though and I enjoyed it lots too. I've now got a 3 part train and 7 hour train journey to Rimini in Italy where I'm based for two days to run in San Marino & Italy.

The journey goes on.......


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Monaco, Monaco


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