Marathon 30 

Marathon 30 - Rimini (Italy) "The one that got tasty"

Time: 3:44

Today's marathon was one of those that made all the bad ones worth it. After running around tiny countries the last few days, trying to avoid hills and crossing borders, today was a day to enjoy.

It's hard to describe the difference between today and some of the ones that have come before, but not having to worry about where I was going and to be running on a pancake flat course was a dream come true.

I set off with my quads just quietly letting me know that they didn't enjoy yesterday's hills. I eased into it, going through halfway in 1:55 and enjoying a nice chocolate tart as a midway treat. Then a bit of that competitive instinct kicked in.

For me when I pin a race number on my top that normally means locking in a competitive mindset and going as quickly as my skinny legs will take me. It's not always easy to switch that off so when I got to mile 23 and I could see the 3:45 pacer in the distance, only one thing was going to happen.


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Rimini, Italy


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