Marathon 29 

Marathon 29 - San Marino "The one where I got dizzy"

Time: 4:20

So San Marino is very very hilly but I had a plan! I knew there National football stadium had an athletics track around it so my simple idea was to try and get inside and run around 105 times.

The plan almost paid off as I walked into the stadium reception and got talking to the groundsman, trying to explain what me and my yellow t-shirt were up too. He said they had an athletics meeting at 1pm but I could run around to my hearts content untill then.

I managed to make up 17 miles before I had to leave and then the last 10 were a real struggle. It is so hilly around here and almost impossible to not just have to run straight up a hill and down another. By 23 miles I was out of water and food and running out of energy quickly. I had to slow right down and the last few miles were some of the slowest of the trip but I got it done.

Some of you may see I also ran 27 and a half miles today and the reason for that was because by Garmin GPS watch was just under 100m short ever mile on the track. That equated to just under a mile to add on in total so I made it up to 27.5. I came here to run a marathon each day and would just be cheating myself to have not tagged it on.

I'm now at the bus stop after having to get changed in a leisure centre near the stadium. There also happened to be a swimming gala on there so I got a few funny looks from the parents but you can probably imagine that's the least of my worries after finishing a marathon.

Now to get back to Rimini and eat some carbs.


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