Marathon 32 

Marathon 32 - Malta "The one where I ran with a legend"

Time: 4:17

If I could have hand picked the perfect running partner for one of these marathons, today I think I found them. Nathan Farrugia successfully ran 27 marathons in 27 EU countries in 27 days in 2011 raising tens of thousands for charity in the process. Today he gave up his time to run with little old me.

Nathan guided us along the coastline stopping to see the views and take on board some food and water kindly provided by his colleague Daphne. We were also joined by Nathan's wife for 10k who also happened to be an ex 100m Olympian having competed in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Not a bad little group to be running around with.

We came in around the 4:15 mark with the stops, and it was again a day of positively. It's days like this I need to pinch myself and feel genuinely lucky. Experiences in life are better shared and it was great to share today's with Nathan. He is an inspirational guy who has achieved things in life both physically and in the business and charity sector that are to be admired.

The views at the end are some of the best of this entire trip and make the 26 mile journey to get there more than worth it. The legs are tired but my mind is strong and now onwards to Athens next where my Dad and Auntie and Uncle will all be waiting. The show goes on........


The Route
Luqa, Malta


Runners & Support Team 

Nathan and Deirdre Farrugia & Daphne!