Marathon 35 

Marathon 35 - Sargans (Switzerland) "The one where I had to pinch myself"

Time: 4:03

There are times in life where you have to step back and just realise what's in front of you. It's easy these days to be so caught up in what's to come, or worrying about things which our out of our control, that we forget to take in the present. Today was a day to try and take in every moment of this truely incredible place.

I've never been to Switzerland before and it has genuinly blown me away the last few days. It turned today's marathon into a run/photo shoot but this actually helped a bit to break things up and take the focus away from the miles to come.

I tried to take as many pictures as I could to attempt to show you just how special this place is and how views like this don't just exist on a postcard. I apologise for obscuring some of these amazing views with my face but you've probably got used to me doing that by now.

Again I set off for the run with an excitement to explore and although that changed to a desire to stop after about 3 hours, when the shuffle changed to a waddle, I managed to make it back to the hotel in on piece.

Back at the hotel I successfully beat my personal best, by going from finishing the marathon to being showered and out my room in 35 minuites.

I've just got onto my train and even the station has a view. I am definitely coming back here one day to explore further and couldn't recommend it enough. It beats an all inclusive hotel in the sun any day.


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Sargans, Switerland


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