Marathon 34

Marathon 34 - Liechtenstein "The one where the planning paid off"

Time: 3:56

Wow!!! I'm not sure a 3 letter word really does justice to the views I've had along today's marathon route but it's a simplistic start. The pictures tell the story themselves but today was one I had been looking forward too and It's not hard to see why.

Ever since the idea of running all these marathons came into my head the planning to try and make it a reality has been pretty relentless. It has taken up a large part of the last 6 months of my life and I owe a great deal of gratitude to many others including the beautiful Billy McGreevy for even making it to the start line.

Today was a great example of the planning paying off. Managing to find a base close to the river, and border, between Switzerland & Liechtenstein meant I would have a flat river run equipped with stunning scenery & misty mountains. It also means I now have an afternoon of no travel and a chance to re-charge the batteries. These occasional 'non travel days' have been key to turning the last 10 days around. 8 days ago in Andorra I was in a bad way in terms of sleep deprevation but these have been the reason I'm still going.

Today was a 13 mile out & back run & although that sometimes isn't the easiest I'm not sure I could ever get tired of those views. Although I'm gradually ticking the marathons off they don't get any easier and the last 6 miles were again not a pretty sight as I shuffled my way back to the bus stop.

I'm now heading back to the hotel and a afternoon of putting my feet up and eating chocolate. Maybe even an evening jog. I'm joking!


The Route
Vaduz, Liechtenstein


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