Marathon 36

Marathon 36 - Luxembourg "The one where I walked a lot"

Time: 5:19

Today's run set of in high spirit's after meeting up with Sanjai Sharma, Nigel & Tom last night and having a couple of guys from the Strassen NSL running club planning the route and running along with us.

The first 12 miles went along well taking in the views and enjoying the company. We even went up an escalator at one point, to get to the higher part of the city, which was a marathon first.

Then things started to change. By 16 miles my left quad was becoming progressively more painful to the point where I was having to stop occasionally to walk. By 18 miles the running became too painful and I had to start to completely walk & knew it would be the case from there on in.

That walk turned from a power walk to a slog as the miles ticked by but we managed to get over the line in just under 5 and a half hours with those last 8 miles taking over 2 hours.

My leg is still very sore and doesn't like bending much but it's wrapped up in ice and tommorow will be what it will be.

A massive thank you to the guys today who made sure I made it over the line and kept me positive throughout. Also to the support from the local community who organised some drinks after and gave me a few gifts.


The Route
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Runners & Support Team

Sanjai Sharma, Nigel & Tom and the Strassen NSL running club!