Marathon 37

Today's race report - "The one where I found out how far I could go"

Time 4:19

After fears it may have been a 26 mile walk, today's run in Belgium had a positive start. With a mixture of Ibuprofen, various creams and some strapping, I set off more in hope than expectation, that I would be able to run the whole way.

Things started positively and by 13 miles we were making good progress and back on track. The leg was sore but it was manageable and not at a stage where I had any other focus other than finishing.

After we joined in the local half Marathon, for the second half of the run, the quad again started to really hurt. It's hard to describe the pain but It's like a deep bruise on the inside half of my quad that feels as though someone's squeezing it as hard as they can every time I try and lift my leg of the ground.

This means that my shuffle technique becomes even more apparent and involves scrapping my left leg along the floor trying to minimise bending it. Basically I sanded my left trainer for 10 miles along the streets of Belgium.

The last 10 miles were a case of 1 mile at a time and setting different targets to get to along the way. I knew from yesterday if I started walking that would be it. It would stiffen up and I would be walking the whole way in. I managed to make it to the line without walking a step and in doing so found out just how far I could go.

Like I mentioned earlier it's hard to overstate Sanjai & Nigel's contribution today as them being there is the reason I'm on the train to Amsterdam and not still running.

A massive thank you to Sanjai's (and now I hope my) friend David who hosted us for the last 2 days. He took care of food, accommodation & transport and meant I didn't have to worry about anything other than running. The way my leg has been that has been worth it's wait in gold.


The Route
Mols, Belgium


Runners & Support Team

Sanjai, Nigel & David!