Marathon 38

Marathon 38 - Amsterdam (Holland) "The one where we danced in the streets"

Time: 4:21

Despite some incredible support, the last few days my spirits had been hit a little but today they took a turn in the right direction.

I think it's a mixture of a realisation that I can actually do this and a change in mindset that it's genuinely possible. Having my brother Andy and friend Noel was another big boost to take over from the support of Nigel & Sanjai.

We set off a long the canal section from the Amsterdam marathon that I remember from the pb I did here in 2015. We looped around past the windmills for a while before we were joined by Floris at 13 miles who had heard about the challenge and wanted to show his support.

As we ran along as a group Noel decided brought out his DJ set. As he dropped the classic 'I wanna dance with somebody" by Whitney Houston the run transcended in chaos. Noel was throwing some shapes and Floris was swinging from lampposts. As we ran along singing and dancing the oncoming cyclists were bemused by the obscure music video that was appearing in front on them. It's moments like that I will treasure and no amount of money could ever buy.

So were 38 down and now onwards to Hamburg on the 5 hour train journey. Noel will be with me until the end and I'm sure it won't be the last of the the dodgy soundtrack.


The Route
Amsterdam, Holland


Runners & Support Team

Floris, Noel and my brother!