Marathon 39

Marathon 39 - Hamburg (Germany) "The one where the mobile disco scared the locals"

Time: 4:16

After yesterday's dancing antics today was another day for Noel Halligan and his mobile disco to come out in force.

We were really lucky to be joined by Noel's friend Andy and Tim who had heard about the challenge on Twitter and wanted to support.

It was again great to meet some new people and the time spent running is enough to really get to know someone. Tim is again someone I really seemed to click with and someone who really gets what this is about and my motivations for doing it.

As we all ran around the gorgeous lake that sits in the centre of Hamburg it was great to take it all in and have the scenery and conversation to take the mind of the physical task in hand.

Noels music then came out in force for the second half as the speakers carefully placed in his backpack made him a running mobile disco. We were getting some very strange looks from the locals as a mixture of David Bowie, George Michael and even Boy George were blaring out.

The run happened to end on 'Gold' by spandau Ballet which seemed a fitting end to proceedings.


The Route
Hamburg, Germany


Runners & Support Team

Noel, Andy and Tim