Marathon 40

Marathon 40 - Copenhagen (Denmark) "The one where we went to the Embassy"

Time: 4:49

During this challenge I figured that if I was to end up in a British Embassy it would either be because I had lost my passport or said something I shouldn't.

Apparently there are other reasons to get to visit, and it was great to be invited to meet the British Ambassador for Denmark and stop for the most upmarket refreshment point of the trip. Sorry Jessica Burrage but they did have 3 different types of juice.

Not only did we get to say hi but a group from the Embassy also ran with us for 5 miles and helped with the motivation. A big thank you to Gary for sorting all this out and also running the whole marathon with us to make sure I made it round in one piece.

Next is a big thank you to Soren from the Mikkeller running club for organising the route & Katrina and the others for running with us. Last but not least were Anna, Katrina & John from Livability Holton Lee. They work at the Flourish project which I'm raising money for and it was great for them to make the effort to travel over and take on the mobile disco duties from Noel.

So 40 marathons down and that means I've now run over 1000 miles this last 40 days and travelled a further 10,000 more.

I will be honest and say I'm physically and mentally ready for this to end. It has been the most amazing & also the hardest thing I've ever done and my body and mind are on the limit.


The Route
Copenhagen, Denmark


Runners & Support Team 

Soren, Katrina and everyone from the Mikkeller running club. Anna, Katrina & John from Livability Holton Lee and Gary, the British Ambassador for Denmark and everyone at the British Embassy!