Marathon 43

Marathon 43 in Iceland complete.

Part 1 - 11 miles in 1:53
Part 2 - 15.3 miles in 2:40

The end of an amazing morning with also being on the BBC and the impact that has had on the donations and sponsorship. Also to have Emma, who works at Livability Holton Lee and her family come to cheer me home was really special.

Today was very very beautiful & very very windy but it's over and now just one to go.

43 days ago I could only have dreamt of getting to that finish line and hopefully tomorrow I can make that a reality.


The Route
Reykjavik, Iceland

The Boathouse

The Boathouse enjoys the best location in Christchurch...With panoramic views across Christchurch Quay, the River Stour and the marshes 


Runners & Support Team